Your Rock Band victory for the week...!


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    Tyrus1235 said:

    You're way braver than I am lol even though I can get some easy Crimson Stars on vox I'm pretty sure I would fail hard at anything above tier 1/2 in guitar/bass (and anything period in drums)

    I'll admit, Brutal bass was a nail-biter. When your bar is full, there is only one gem-thickness of notice before they go into hiding.

    I was only able to complete that song because it's incredibly easy - you strum like clockwork on every kick note you hear. Except during the verses -- The first is a 9 bar rest and the second one is all whole notes. On my first try, I managed to fail the second verse by not watching and then overstrumming. :disappointed:

  • daxx1970daxx1970 110% Awesome
    @Tyrus1235 you were killing it during that challenge. I came over to help with LilSebastianbach and you had it well under control. I'll have to find your taunts and step up my scores. Great job.
  • Lord_MhoramLord_Mhoram Road Warrior
    I was working on some missions and FCed three different song (Hard). I only have 2 other FC on vocals ever before. That was a great session.
  • Got a new X1 Rivals Band in a Box Bundle for 60€. That's **** rad.
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    I just unlocked all (currently existing single player) missions, though @LordFlatus beat me to it.
  • LordFlatusLordFlatus Rising Star

    I just unlocked all (currently existing single player) missions, though @LordFlatus beat me to it.

    Hey, I just completed a bunch of vox missions, including the "10 expert FCs" one. :)
  • Survived through TTFAF on expert bass (without even turning the meter red) and got 4* - In the top 30% globally.

    Not bad given that my childhood nickname was "hands of destruction".
  • Just got 95% 5 stars on expert bass on "Blackened" on basically a sightread.... as I only recently got this song back with the legacy updates... and had never attempted expert bass before on this song. And I upped myself to 97% on bass on expert for "Peace Sells".
  • rkbdgurlrkbdgurl Road Warrior
    I'm finally playing gtr and bass on hard and sometimes expert and actually enjoying it. I'm basically a drummer...and getting above three stars on gtr has been a real issue for me. But It seems I've finally broken the 3 star curse...or I'm actually getting better. :wink:
  • This week I'm happy to say I finally FC'd "Halls of Valhalla" on vox and got the mission badge for "Superlative Vocalist"! I also successfully filled the break during "In-a gadda-da-vida" with some much needed catch-up on my computer! :p Seriously though, kudos to you other instruments; particularly drums, for making it through that song, nice job!
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    Victories, all last night:
    * 2 FC GS Bass tracks, albeit only 1-dotters. Taunted several 900+ bassists who are about to become very confused when they find out I beat their scores.
    * GS Bass on "Walk Of Life" by Dire Straits (5-dot) on sightread. Granted, it belongs in the 2-dot category.
    * Earned (jointly with @razor63 ) 6000 challenge XP in 1.5 hours (and broadcasted it).
  • razor63razor63 Unsigned
    My victory during that stream was the GS on ABC vox. That is not easy.
  • djb5f1djb5f1 Unsigned
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    @AndyTheIndigoer , I gold-starred "Walk of Life" too on first try, definitely overtiered but felt good to do it on a 5-dot song.

    What do you mean on sight read? Playing without audio or do you mean you just aren't familiar with the song?

    My victory for the week was a Crew victory, reached Bloodstone for the first time! I contributed 40K XP which was my most ever.
  • djb5f1djb5f1 Unsigned
    Ok, was wondering, thanks for the insight. In fairness, most of my song plays are basically sight read as I typically don't replay songs right away unless I am on the verge of getting gold stars/five stars, etc and miss out by a few points. Flashing Gold stars are the worst. Just hoping the last sustain is enough.

    By the time I play a song again, I don't really remember the pattern. I am going on sight and rhythm of the song, esp. on bass.
  • By sight read I did mean first play, lol.

    I guess it wouldn't be a true sight read unless I turned my audio off.

    Though, that said, I once got 5*X on "I Bet My Life" (vox, not bass!) -- Only after I turned off my audio.
  • EvilMunkyEvilMunky Unsigned
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    Had a few victories this week:

    Finally 100%'ed the solo on Almost Easy (expert guitar). First time I've managed it since it was DLC on GH3.

    Gold starred 7th Son of a 7th Son expert guitar.

    Reached 900 Vox skill.

    New personal bests on all 8 A7X songs available last challenge (again, expert guitar).

    None were all that groundbreaking, lol, but still achievements in my book!
  • By sight read I did mean first play, lol.

    I guess it wouldn't be a true sight read unless I turned my audio off.

    Though, that said, I once got 5*X on "I Bet My Life" (vox, not bass!) -- Only after I turned off my audio.

    I have to turn my audio off to FC any Imagine Dragons song.
    *I'm being a hater I know lol*
  • This week I managed to get some GS and 5-stars on vox on RB3. I have a bunch of GS and FCs on RB4, but for some reason RB3 seems way harder to get Awesome phrases on vox... Might be my calibration but idk (using the same mic for both).
  • I crimson starred "Light Up the Night" with 99% on brutal mode on guitar while getting 100% on the solo.
  • razor63razor63 Unsigned
    I finally finished palying every song in my library yesterday (on X Vox), so the results are in:

    -983 (my stats say 984, but game only says 983) gold stars.
    -31 5*X.
    -400 X FCs.
    -996 skill rating.

    This went well, I think.
  • Well okay there is kind of my crew making bloodstone....

    And taunting a net of 30+ bassists while playing on Twitch (over 3 full combos expert).
  • LordFlatusLordFlatus Rising Star
    Oddly enough, my RB Victory For The Week is also making Bloodstone!
  • razor63razor63 Unsigned
    I think I forgot that we made Bloodstone when I posted yesterday... >_<
  • Yeah, we made Bloodstone too! My crew was awesome as they played the hell out of the challenge - if it was a better challenge I'd have played a lot too, but as it stood I only did 25-26 plays.
  • wh1t3kn1tewh1t3kn1te Opening Act
    normally I'm a bassist but today I decided to play panama for the first time on guitar and ended up gold starring it.

    yeah I still haven't played every on disc song on guitar yet. lol
  • tdc002 said:

    I FC'd "Clocks" by Coldplay last night AND beat HMXOwl's score. B)

    But did you taunt him too? XD
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