Your Rock Band victory for the week...!


  • FCed Vital Signs on bass with a #3 overall score
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    Before this score I was already at 32,031 and I was the only one with 32K on this song on PS4 bass. Thank GOD I got this dealt with again.
  • I finally 5 starred Fake It on vocals, 1 dot is ridiculously undertiered.
  • LordFlatusLordFlatus Rising Star
    My victory for the week? I beat Grumble on a couple of songs on bass last night while I was grinding LP!
  • Finished up the season with my 950th bass FC. Hoping to hit 1k by the end of this year.
  • LordFlatusLordFlatus Rising Star
    I think @grumblevolcano should post in here about jamming with the team on the HMX stream.
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    Same week that I requested more Flyleaf. Two tracks (Cassie and All Around Me) from that same album too!
  • grumblevolcanogrumblevolcano Headliner
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    A few more guitar FCs (Pictures of Girls, Forget About Tomorrow, Brandy) meaning the 2018 new DLC not yet FC'd on guitar count is now down to 4 songs (Bloodhands, Run-Around, We Are Family, This Will Be The Day).
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