*Official* Project 86 Request Thread

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I've been getting sore necks listening to Project 86 since they started 10 years ago. They have some wicked stuff that I would love to see in RockBand and think would kick ass on the platform. Below are some selections spanning the past 10 years. They find new sounds with each album they put out so if you've never heard of them before and aren't quite diggin' a particular song, check out the samples from a different album (they're quite different as you get further away from each end of the spectrum). Their album Truthless Heroes is personally one of my favorite rock albums I've ever owned.

Pipedream - from self titled album Project 86(1998)

Stein's Theme - from album Drawing Black Lines(2000)

One Armed Man(Play On) - from album Drawing Black Lines(2000)

Little Green Men - from album Truthless Heroes(2002)

Shelter Me Mercury - from album Truthless Heroes(2002)

Your Heroes Are Dead - from album Truthless Heroes(2002)

The Spy Hunter - from album Songs to Burn Your Bridges By(2004)
continued in video for Will Be a Dead Man

A Shadow on Me - from album Songs to Burn Your Bridges By(2004)

Will Be A Dead Man - from album ...And The Rest Will Follow(2005)

The Hand, The Furnace, The Straight Face - from album ...and The Rest Will Follow(2005)
ignore the video? haha

Evil (A Chorus Of Resistance) - from album Rival Factions(2007)

Put Your Lips to the TV - from the album Rival Factions(2007)


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