Rock Blog Wednesday 11/07/07 Picking up speed.

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So hopefully tonight the site will be moving a bit faster., We have some cats over at the data center fiddling with the doohickies. I know that sounds wicked technical, but I'm that kind of guy.

Every now and then you have these moments here where you realize you have achieved a new landmark of fame. Ours? This. Nothing says "your game is delicious" better than fondant.

Also people seem to be digging Phase, which rules, if you have it I will once again pimp the other site by saying you should go talk about it on as a bunch of the folks who worked on it are over there and they are pretty good about answering questions and talking about stuff.


Just one today but it is awesome. It is a profile of our resident Quality Assurance Manager Luke who is rad. If you ever thought about joining the industry or just kind of like finding out about how all this happens you should totally read it. Or just read it anyways. It is a fantastic read, but you don't have to take my word for it!

Luke Jacobs - The Man...The Myth



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