Why no Bush or Live?

JoshuaB81285JoshuaB81285 Road Warrior
edited August 2008 in Your Ultimate Setlist
You know, I was thinking since we're getting quite a bit of 90s bands in Rock Band 2 that haven't had DLC yet (Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine, etc.) Why no Bush or Live? I know Bush is broken up and Live hasn't had anything good since well...'The Distance To Here'; which was almost 10 years ago, but they would have some killer songs for Rock Band.

Some songs from Bush I would love to see:
Chemicals Between Us
Cold Contagious
Everything Zen
The People That We Love

Some songs from Live I would love to see:
All Over You
The Dolphin's Cry
I Alone
Lankini's Juice
Lightning Crashes
Pain Lies On The Riverside
Selling The Drama
We Deal In Dreams


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