Sum 41-Pack

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Ok Due to the idea brought up of a six pack going here everyone post your ideas along a six pack of songs, top most posted songs would make the unofficial official 6 pack for rock band forums!

you must have 5 rockin songs and 1 more somewhat slow for your mellow song, please post which one is your slow one

Here's mine

The Hell Song
Over My Head (Better Off Dead)
Still Waiting
Underclass Hero
With Me-slow song choice
Six pack songs and how many have on there list

Rockin Songs

In Too Deep-2
Fat Lip-2
The Hell Song-5
Over My Head (Better Off Dead)-4
Still Waiting-5
Underclass Hero-1
The Jester-1
no brains-1
Mr. Amsterdam-1
The Bitter End-1
Slower/Little More Mellower Song

With Me-1
So Long, Goodbye


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