I know we have Dream Theater already...

spheresphere Road Warrior
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And I'm not complaining. But I much prefer the more melodic/acoustic DT songs to their crazy shred counterparts... any chance we'll see any? I think they'd be much better received (more widely received at least) than the 10 minute solos ;)

Through Her Eyes. One of my favourite songs.


My next favourite Dream Theater song, it gets good at 2:08


Of course, the studio versions are always better... but these come damn close.

Any other suggestions for "lighter" DT?


  • GalbrezuGalbrezu Opening Act
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    A Change of Seasons would be nuts.

    (I can dream, can't I :P)

    Metropolis - Part 1 might make a decent "Lighter" DT song.
  • ErikSchierboomErikSchierboom Opening Act
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    There are tons of Dream Theater songs better than Panic Attack and Constant Motion IMHO, but I guess it's part of the "get ties with the record company first through new album promotion, then get at the back catalogue" strategy. I'd really love to see:
    Fatal Tragedy
    Metropolis, Pt. 1
    Pull Me Under
    Under a Glass Moon
    The Mirror
    As I Am

    Oh, and A Change of Seasons would be godly
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