And LO! There Was A Harmonix Dev TWITTER!

HMXCaseyMaloneHMXCaseyMalone Harmonix Developer
edited September 2008 in Announcements
Last week, my good friend and favorite sexy night elf HMXJohnlok got up at our company lunch and made a call for developer blogs so that we could get more involved with you, the awesome Rock Fans.

But I thought to myself "Dude, you can do better than a once a week Rock Blog. These people deserve UP TO THE MINUTE coverage of what I, and the rest of Harmonix, are doing on our computers instead of work."

In that moment, an idea was born into my brain-fruits, and that idea has now come to brain-fruition.

I've created a Twitter feed for all of y'all to follow, and from it I'm going to link to all the cool stuff that people at Harmonix post in our internal newsgroups. I'm also going to be adding things I find on my own.

This way, you can share in the same silly, interesting, or just plain bizarre stuff we're into.


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