my dlc ideas

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heres some awesome picks i think, and since there adding songs with crazy double bass drum stuff to the game lately, id says its possible for any song to be on rock band.

Lamb of God pack 1
11th Hour

Rush pack 2
The spirit of Radio
Far Cry
Fly by Night

Metallica pack 2
Disposable Heros
Seek and Destroy
Dyers Eve

Motley Crue pack 1(cruefests dont count)
Kickstart My Heart

Guitar Hero 2 pack 1
Hangar 18
Beast and the Harlot

Sixx Am
Pray for Me
courtesy call

Rage Against the Machine pack 1
Sleep now in the Fire
Guerilla Radio
Born as Ghosts

Mastodon pack 1
Wolf is Loose
Call of the Mastodon
Hand of Stone

Slipknot pack 1(some songs not chosen due to excessive cursing...this is a rated T game after all)
Pyschosocial(im not really a fan of this song but it sounds like a good pick for RB
Wait and Bleed

Slayer pack 1
War Ensamble
Raining Blood
Seasons in the Abyss

Album:Megadeth, Rust in Peace

Iron Maiden pack 1
Iron Maiden
Flash of the Blade
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