Rock Blog Thursday 06/21/2007

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First of all, people who sit near me are starting to get suspicious when they hear ominous music coming from my headphones and then I start laughing. It is because I keep watching this 5 second video over and over again-

Also big apologies for not posting about the blogs yesterday. I was actually pulling a functional half-day and I missed the cut. This may happen from time to time (it is insane around here) but I still make sure blogs get posted so check that section and you will still read all the goodness even if I am slow to post about them.

On to today- well we have 3 awesome blogs. First off we have what Moss learned at the Clambake. The bird I accidentally hit with a bocce ball gets brought up again, and I would like to state again for the record that the little guy flew away soon after being hit and appeared ok. Given his erratic flying it wouldn't surprise me if he was currently incapacitated from flying into a building or the like. Next we have QA, whose visual mastermind Razlo (ever wonder who took and posted all their awesome photos?) created a custom webcomic about the game. Lastly we have Warburg with sports and weather who apologizes (again) if you took his prediction seriously and lost money on Mickelson. Do people even bet on golf?





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