DLC Week of August 19th: Riding a New Wave to the American Mall

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Greetings rock folk,

August 19th DLC is ready to be announced! This week we're hopping into the wayback machine and setting the dial for the early '80s. We've got a pair of tracks each from two of new wave's most influential and altogether awesome bands in Duran Duran and Devo! And as a special aside, the Devo tracks are new recordings from the band, made special for Rock Band! Each track goes for 160 MSP ($1.99).

Also this week we present a track from the Janitors, "Get Your Rock On," which is featured on the American Mall soundtrack. That song will go for 80 MSP ($0.99).

You'll be able to snag all of these tracks on Xbox Live Marketplace on Tuesday, and the PlayStation Network Store on Thursday.


Devo - "Girl U Want" (new original recording) - 160 MSP - $1.99

Devo - "Through Being Cool" (new original recording) - 160 MSP - $1.99

Duran Duran - "Girls on Film" - 160 MSP - $1.99

Duran Duran - "Rio" - 160 MSP - $1.99

The Janitors - "Get Your Rock On" - 80 MSP - $0.99

All tracks are masters.

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