Nicest Men and Biggest Jerks in Rock



  • why is jim morrison, metallica,scott stapp and jimmy page jerks!? i know jim and metallica cant be? esspecially jim!?
  • Never personally met a famous musician but i can tell you a few from people i have met One local studio guitarist said he met Steve Miller once He said he was real cool and invited him backstage for a beer I asked him if he ever met a jerk He said Stephen Stills I guess you could title this The Two Steves
  • Another guy who works in a music store met James Taylor s brother at a bar Iforgot which brother it was but he said they chatted it up and when the conversation got around to James He asked him if he would like to meet him Guy said sure and led him to a concealed booth out of the public eye He said James had his head down looking at the bottom of the glass when he looked up The brother introduced him and James said politely Nice to meet you soand so now please go away A SWEET GREETING and BRUSHOFF from SWEET BABY JAMES SWEET
  • and finally I know a local limo driver who had Kid Rock for a client once Said he wasn t the easiest piece of work but he sucked it up and bent over backwards to please him When Kid Rock mentioned that he wanted to go somewhere and make an uhhh commodities business transaction the Driver refused and before Mr Rock got petulant the driver said I could lose my license and my business He was independent This guy I know is perfectly capable of defending himself and no waffle house like incident broke out Do not know if this tale is fact or fiction so don t hold me to it
  • He may be a nice guy at gun shows to people who agree with him but he has turned into an unnecessary polarizing personality with his belligerent outbursts and his sucking up to the Military while downplaying his Vietnam War era uhh activities In this venue where he is among friends has anybody challenged or been allowed to challenge him about his spotty past I was once a Ted Nugent defender but became a detractor thanks to him
  • John Lennon had a history of ass wipe behavior but by 1980 he was chilling out and Yoko was changing him into a responsible family man I do not believe Yoko broke up the Beatles but I do believe she had her sights set on him since day one like his son Julian said and that statement about not knowing who the Beatles were was **** Cynthia Lennon did not have the foresight to demand sufficient pecuniary in surrendering John to Yoko and Yoko made john an immensely wealthy man threw shrewd investments It is obvious which spouse had the better business acumen
  • Tommy Lee has a dick reputation but I met someone who was a fan of Motley Crue and ran into him in the lobby of a restaurant and he tried to start up a conversation with him He said Tommy told him Okay Let me eat first and then I will talk to you He said Tommy Lee mad good on his promise
  • Gene Simmons does not have the values you would teach your kids if you come from a conservative middle class background but he did a local event and everybody said he was cordial and willingly signed autographs Of course the event had an admission fee Anyway given what we now know about Peter Criss and Ace Frehley I would have to say Gene fought for every dime he made and so you can t fought the man for being egocentric
  • Anybody who does not think Jim Morrison was a jerk is obviously a poor judge of character and must have had some grief in there life in picking friends The penis flashin rap in Miami however was not true
  • Forgot about this one All these conversations I alluded to happened in music stores so I can t authenticate any of them This guy I met said his friend customizes automobiles and had James Hetfield a customer He said he was an introverted brooding person Not friendly but not a jerk either James Hetfield is a very talented man but he always looked like he suffered from a peptic ulcer
  • Hmm...what about Jimi Hendrix? I'd say maybe hit-and-miss? I usually don't know so much about Hendrix, but from what I understand, he was really nice so long as he wasn't intoxicated. He apparently once beat his girlfriend with a telephone in a telephone booth when he was drunk because he thought she was calling some other guy. As for Lou Reed, if we're talking about him from the 1960's to the early 1980's, he would DEFINITELY be in the **** category, and he would still be a jerk (though not nearly as much as before) up until the 1990's. But by the late 1990's to the end of his life, I'd say he'd be in the hit-and-miss category - he could still be an **** at times, but most people who got to know him recently described him as rather nice. Six months later, and I still am kind of sad that he's gone. :/ For the rest of the Velvet Underground, from what I gather (which still isn't much) Maureen Tucker is fairly nice (whatever you may have to say about her political positions), I don't know what category John Cale would be in (I have his autobiography, but I haven't read it yet), Sterling Morrison was sort of hit-and-miss (leaning towards nice, though), although he sounded like an interesting guy. Doug Yule (by interviews) sounds rather nice. Nico, from what I read, was hit-and-miss learning towards jerk (she apparently had a tendency to throw glass bottles at random people's faces, and she also appeared to be racist and anti-Semitic). As for the members of Queen, they all come off as pretty nice (especially Brian May), and apparently George Harrison was a nice guy while Lennon and McCartney are/were kind of ****. Bob Dylan seems to be hit-and-miss, and Bon Scott of AC DC was apparently really nice.

  • I mean I don't know so much about Hendrix, not "usually don't know so much about Hendrix." Oops
  • I've met many musicians over the years .....
    Here's the dick list
    Lenny ( whatsiname) from White Lion , lead singer didn't line it when nobody rushed to get his autograph
    Def leppard ....sadly Brit **** I'm sorry to say as I'm a Brit
    Blackie lawless .....what a arrogant knob ( insert Texan accent ....) listen up he'ar honey , were cold were tired and we don't feel well so were going home
    Bros........80's boy band
    Bill Wyman...Rolling Stones .....a nasty little oompah loompah

    The lovely list
    Alice Cooper .....full of fan lovelyness
    lemmy ....Motörhead geezer
    magnum ( the whole band ) ....good guys
    anthrax ....all of em except joey belladonna who was a ****
    David Essex ....British pop star ....nice guy
    Van Morrison .....very pleasant to me wife/girlfriend very good looking
    The guys from iron maiden blokes
    black Sabbath ( post Ozzy days ) they were ok
    In Extremo ...German medieval/ rock band .....nice guys bought me ice cream
    Zakk Wylde.....very cool guy

    The little bit odd list
    Gene Simmons ......didn't know how to take him nice or nasty
    Rudi schenker

  • FujiSkunkFujiSkunk Headliner
    Well, you can add Rolf Harris to the "biggest jerks" list. And I really liked "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport" too.

    On a lighter note, I read a recent interview with Lionel Richie, and he comes off as pretty likable, humble enough to know where his fame comes from but not so humble that he can't have some fun with it. I wouldn't mind meeting him in person some day.
  • Met all of the BNL crew twice in the 90s, super nice guys all of em. I miss the old BNL.

    Met Phil Collen from Def Leppard, SUPER nice guy, went to his house with a friend. Holy guitar madness!

  • ArokarArokar Unsigned
    I nominate the Chino guy from The Deftones for the jerks list. Insulting other bands doesn't make your band better you know...
  • Ok first of all Katy Perry isn't rock. Second of all, I've actually heard she's pretty nice.
  • Anyway here's my list, from what I've heard anyway


    -System of a Down
    -Foo Fighters in general (Not just Dave Grohl)
    -Warren Zevon
    -Iron Maiden
    -Def Leppard
    -Rush (especially Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson. Neil Peart is also really nice but he's not really the social type)
    -Phil Collins
    -Peter Gabriel
    -Almost all punk-rock bands


    -Kiss (I love Kiss but you have to admit that they're all arrogant ****, especially Gene)
    -Ginger Baker
    -Roger Waters
    -Jim Morrison
    -Courtney Love

    Hit and Miss:

    -Led Zeppelin
    -Ted Nugent
    -Ozzy Osbourne
    -Eric Clapton (He made a racist remark back in the 1970s, however has since apologized)
    -The Beatles
    -The Who (Pete Townshend has always been really nice though. Roger Daltrey used to be nice. Now he has a habit of being quite grumpy and mean)
    -David Gilmour
    -Kurt Cobain (He was nice for the most part except he had a major drug problem)
  • exploder said:

    nice: Eminem,Wu Tang Clan,LL Cool J,Dr. Dre,Beastie Boys,Psychostick
    hit and miss: GWAR
    jerks: Robert Christgau(okay,he's a music critic,but still)

    LOL...Robert Christgau, a music critic and a Rolling Stone magazine music critic at wonder he's a jerk!
    The worst of that whole sorry lot was Lester Bangs. But if I had a name that sounded like a porn star, I'd be douchey too.

  • w34kn3ss said:

    Shouldn't Axl Rose be on the list of Jerks? I mean, I don't know how he treats other people, but surely his frequent on-stage temper tantrums qualify him for the list.

    I can't see how anyone can defend this guy. He basically **** up GNR. They could still be working today if it wasn't for **** Rose. Slash is almost universally thought of as a nice guy. Axl Blows OTOH is a total dickhead and the way he **** on Slash and the other guys is proof.

  • why is jim morrison, metallica,scott stapp and jimmy page jerks!? i know jim and metallica cant be? esspecially jim!?

    Speaking of big of an a-hole was Dave M to get booted out of THAT band?

  • Nice (based solely on personal interaction):
    • Aimee Echo (theSTART)
    • Andy LaPlegua (Combichrist / Panzer AG / Icon of Coil / Scandy / a whole buttload of other projects)
    • Gen (Genitorturers)
    • Johnny Cash
    • John Disco (bis)
    • Lyn-Z (Mindless Self Indulgence)
    • Peelander Yellow (Peelander-Z)
    • Rogue (The Crüxshadows)
    • The Slants
    • William DuVall (Madfly / Alice In Chains)
    I've forgotten whatever bad experiences I've had meeting musicians, so I guess that's my list.
  • I didn't see Van Morrison in this list. While I've not personally encountered him, I've heard numerous stories of him being a cranky and difficult person to work with or be around.
  • Nicest ones I have met:
    Kasim Sulton ( Utopia - Joan Jett, BOC) ( the nicest!)
    David Lane ( You Am I) (super nice!)
    Scott Miller ( Game Theory- Had some great chats with him! Very cool - RIP Scott)
    Jaco Pastorius ( RIP my greatestbass hero)
    Rod Argent (Great- Very much the English Gentlemna!)
    Innocence Mission ( wonderful people, loved taking bass with Mike Bitts)
    Vinnie Appice
    Pattie Labelle's band
    Pat Metheny
    Colin Blunstone ( quiet but nice)
    Graham Parker
    Mitch Easter
    John Heames (bassist for Let's Active)
    Eric Marshall ( Drummer for Let's Active)
    Michael Tearson ( Philly FM DJ)
    Cindy Drue ( Philly FM DJ)
    Ben Vaughan
    Paula Pierce (RIP) and
    The Pandoras
    Tommy Conwell
    Andy King/ Eric Bazilian ( The Hooters)
    Rusty Hopkinson / Tim Rogers (You Am I)
    Robyn Hitchcock
    Aimee Mann ( we went to Berklee together)
    The Cavedogs ( Todd Spahr, Brian Stevens, Mark Rivers)
    Eric Singer
    Roger Joseph Manning Jr ( Jellyfish, Imperial Drag)
    Dave Van Ronk ( RIP)
    Jon Brion
    Clem Burke
    Brad Elvis
    The Muffs (!)

    Dave Kikoski ( We went to Berklee together also - Jazz Pianist - excellent musician - also from Jersey)
    Kenwood Dennard
    Don Alias
    Mike Stern
    Mike Metheny
    Randy Roos
    Jeff Berlin
    Mike Gibbs
    Greg Mooter and John Neves ( My bass teachers at Berklee)
    David Grisman

    OK but a bit standoffish:

    Todd Rundgren
    Roger Powell
    Roger McGuinn ( kinda paranoid)
    Brad Whitford ( Aerosmith)
    Robin Lane
    Ed Sciacy ( Philly FM DJ)
    Donnette Thayer (Game Theory)
    Peter Buck

    Jerks & B*****s:

    Angie Calson ( Let's Active- sorry Mitch)
    Willie Wilcox ( Utopia)
    Ron Carter ( famous Jazz bassist)
    Ryan Roxie ( assh***!)

    Too wasted to tell: Joey Kramer ( Aerosmith) ;-)

    Lucky I either don't remember all the jerks or just blocked them out of my memory....LOL!

  • GLaDOSGLaDOS Opening Act
    I have, several times, met the band Switchfoot, and they seem like some of the most genuine people in the business, especially their lead singer Jon Foreman. He seems so passionate about the music and his fans. There's actually a video out there somewhere of him performing a concert while he was really sick, and it was very obvious he shouldn't be performing, but he wanted to make the fans happy so he kept on playing until he passed out on stage.

    Super nice guys in general
  • The dudes from Krisiun are awesome.
  • Jerks: Chris Squire
    Roger Waters
    Robert Fripp
    David Byrne
    Debbie Harray

    Nice: John Mellencamp
    Chrissie Hynde
    Billy Gibbons
    Mick Box
    Lonnie Jordan

    How exactly is Debbie Harry a jerk? The only thing that she has done before that could be considered "douchy" is when she sued the EMI. Aaaand maybe that one time when the IRS went after her for not paying taxes.
  • exploder said:

    teh pistols were jerks because they wanted to get people mad at shows

    phil anselmo is a total jerk with anger issues

    he invited GWAR over to a concert to his....only to insult GWAR several times and he opened for megadeth and did the same thing,[b]plus he voiced satan in a movie which makes sense with his jerkness[/b]

    Dave Grohl PLAYED Satan in [i]Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny[/i], but that doesn't diminish his status as a stand-up guy. So what's your point?
    That aside, yeah, I feel inclined to agree about Phil from what I've seen in interviews.

    Also, one person I think would be cool to hang around would be Ozzy. I read [i]I Am Ozzy[/i], and it was a pretty enjoyable book. For all that Madman rep he built, he seems like a funny old dude, very dedicated to his family, no matter how much crap they may do (looking at you, Sharon). Also, the guys from Rush, just from watching the shows you can see how they love what they do, even Neil in his own way, what with the low point he hit in his life (that made the band briefly disband) and all.

    Biggest jerk I can think is Axl Rose. Guy's a **** prima donna, always wanting stuff his way or the highway. If he were really as much above criticism as he thinks he is, he wouldn't have written "Get in the Ring" (which is a pretty awesome song in spite of his rant, truth be told).

    Ritchie Blackmore is another big a-hole, very standoffish and controlling. I remember a story where, during one of his tours to Brazil (I think after he was booted from Deep Purple), he called for a soccer match with his backup band and music reporters, on the condition no one got even close to him (which, when you consider how soccer works - no Americanisms, please - is pretty absurd). So, one of the reporters got so pissed he up and slide-tackled Blackmore - and was even applauded by everyone else for that!

    Ted Nugent I'd qualify as hit and miss. Sure, his conservativism rubs me the wrong way, but he doesn't seem to be the kind of guy who would be a dick to you for the hell of it - so long as you don't touch upon these things while talking to him.
    Edu Falaschi (formee singer from Angra), from what people say of him, also seems to be a mixed bag. People keep saying he's arrogant and has little time for fans, but I saw him on some TV shows and even at a panel in an anime meeting here in my city a while ago, and he gave me a positive impression, of a cool guy (in more ways than one). I think he's the kind of people who just lets the stress of his job get to him sometimes (as happens to many others in this business).

    To be honest, the only musicians I personally met were the guys from Stress, a local veteran metal band (in fact, they were the first band to play metal in Brazil, in the late 70s). Went backstage to meet them after a gig. Super cool guys, they signed my ticket, gave me a few pointers on starting a band, that kind of stuff. Hands down one of the greatest experiences of my life.
  • CanuckGamerCanuckGamer Road Warrior
    edited October 2015

    Jerks: Chris Squire
    Roger Waters
    Robert Fripp
    David Byrne
    Debbie Harray

    Nice: John Mellencamp
    Chrissie Hynde
    Billy Gibbons
    Mick Box
    Lonnie Jordan

    How exactly is Debbie Harry a jerk? The only thing that she has done before that could be considered "douchy" is when she sued the EMI. Aaaand maybe that one time when the IRS went after her for not paying taxes.
    I always got the feeling that Chrissie Hynde was sort of a jerk. You know, since she's with PETA, and she wants to see every McDonald's get blown up.
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