Video Games as addictive as Heroin! - watch out!!!

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In todays Charlotte Observer:

"The telltale signs are ominous: teens holing up in their rooms, ignoring friends, family, even food and a shower, while grades plummet and belligerence soars.

The culprit isn't alcohol or drugs. It's video games, which for certain kids can be as powerfully addictive as heroin, some doctors contend.

A leading council of the nation's largest doctors' group wants to have this behavior officially classified as a psychiatric disorder, to raise awareness and enable sufferers to get insurance coverage for treatment."



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    Pfft! What's it matter if our grades fall? We've finished GH on expert, we're all gonna become rock gods.... right?
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    "When she suggested to therapists that Michael had a video game addiction, "nobody was familiar with it," she said. "They all pooh-poohed it."

    Last fall, the family found a therapist who "told us he was addicted, period." They sent Michael to a therapeutic boarding school, where he has spent the past six months -- at a cost of $5,000 monthly that insurance won't cover, his mother said."

    hah, so basically, they kept seeing different therapists until they found one who told them what they wanted to hear.. he then took their money, and their son is still pretending to be a lv 70 night elf.

    But yeah, this is pretty much all bullshit. For the most of it, it's like the guy at the end says--and I paraphrase--the psychiatric disorders are already there; that's why they turn to video games.

    Think about it.. alcohol isn't really the problem of an alcoholic.. the problem is before that, and for them alcohol is what they turn to for the solution. Sometimes I wonder how these so-called specialists actually get jobs in the first place.
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    there are more things to consider than just the child in this, and though i havent read this article in particular i do have a good guess as to whats been and being said because my parents are trying to put the Gaming Addict card on Me at the moment (long long story).

    1) what else are they doing, and what other opprotunities do they have? if its a 14 year old kid that does nothin but game and game, yah there might be a problem. I love games, allways have, but i also have had school (duh), and though i was no stellar student i allways passed my classes and never ditched a day of school, Scouts (started from cub scouts at 6 years old to Life Scout all the way up to 17), Martial Arts (started at the age of 12 and reached 1st Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do on My 18th birthday), an Altar Server at the Catholic church, Vice President for the Computer Animation club 2 years running.

    2) what do the parents do about it? therapy aint gonna help, especially if the kids dont THINK thier addicted. if a kid does have an addiction problem, games drugs or anything, you gotta first make them realize thier addictions and and second make them WANT to change. if they really wanna get the kid off the computer or away from the tv, its as simple as pulling out the Power Cord.

    3) family history. a large reason why my parents feel I'm a Computer Addict is because ALL men, on both sides of my family have been alcoholics or drug addicts to one point or another. my younger brother of 17 years old is currently in a rehabilitation house within 3 miles of Compton

    4) what was there behavior like BEFORE video games, or before the "addiction" took place. for me its pretty much the same. I've allways been shy around other kids but more open to adults, i'm very relaxed about things beyond my control, i have little to no competitive spirit unless i'm in the sparring ring, and i'm usually not one for change. some of these guys in suspect were straight a's, social, athletic, outgoing, men and women. When that attitude and demeanor changes, it could be an addiction at root, but than again it could also be belated puberty (if were talking 14-15) or depression, which hits alot of young people.
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    That's like that chapter from 7 promises Of A Promise Keeper that David Cross made fun of.
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    I can quit anytime , i just dont want to
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    Videogames are awesome and can help people learn. Herion destroys lives. Theres a difference
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    sushi111;10039 said:
    Videogames are awesome and can help people learn. Herion destroys lives. Theres a difference
    That's very subjective. Heroin can help people learn too. Some might consider it "awesome". On the other hand, some might claim that video games destroy lives.

    Personally, I wouldn't judge.
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    Most Addicting Game=Socom: Combined Assault or as we online call it SoCrack
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    I'm getting Rocks the 80s.

    Daddy needs some new songs bad, man!
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