Nevermind the Bullocks, Here's the.... Sex Pistols?

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As most Rhythm Game aficionados are aware of, the masters for the Sex Pistols classic album "Nevermind the Bullocks... Here's the Sex Pistols" have been lost or destroyed, hence why the remaining members of the band got together to rerecord a few of the tracks for Guitar Hero III (although Anarchy was the only track to end up in the game)

Nevermind the Bullocks is regarded by most rock fans as one of the most influential and milestone Punk albums of all time... so much so that it's the ONLY album the group ever put out, and yet several decades later they're still famous! As a hardcore Sex Pistols fan I would LOVE to have this album in the game... but, there are only a few options on how to do it.

Go ahead and vote for what you think is best!

Also something to keep in mind... obviously, Sid Vicious is dead, so Bass duties would probably fall to Steve Jones. However, as he's stated before in interviews, he was responsible for most of the on album Bass parts anyway as Sid was in the hospital... not that he could play anyway.

Damn typos, I'm just an American trying to remember the spelling to British slang :P


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