Rock Blog Monday 11/12/07 Risen from the grave

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So Friday we threw a release party for Rock Band and Phase. We basically took over the whole Hard Rock Cafe in Boston invited a couple hundred of our friends, loved ones, and associates and then entertained them with so of the very talented Harmonix bands that were able to play that night like Breaking Wheel, Speck, Inner City, Father Octopus, Death of the Cool, Anarchy Club, Blanks, and That Handsome Devil. Then in another room you could play demos of Phase and Rock Band. Or you could just eat corn dogs, scallops, and have drinks of your choosing. It was truly a magnificent night. And if you were one of the few hundred people I hugged at the end of the night when I was full of cheer I assure you it was not in any gross way - I just love all of mankind and become willing to prove it.

I also got to finally meet Apples but I'll let him tell that story.

While we're on the topic I would like to thank the people who put this party together. I can't name them all by name without fear of missing something but they did an amazing job of keeping something 600 people totally stoked for 5 or so hours of awesomosity. They put a really incredible amount of effort into it and we appreciated the hell out of it. THANKS!


Let's kick it off with Apples' first blog on his Boston trip.


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