Score keeping application

RedJaguarRedJaguar Opening Act
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Would anyone like a program with a UI to do this instead of a spreadsheet?

I've been contemplating doing this sort of program for a while now:

a) add in new songs each week - either manually or 'auto update' from an XML based list on a website
b) calculate the approximate GS cutoffs for new songs until exact ones are entered
c) keep track of averages for each position solo as well as band score, and each position in the band
d) keep track of highest/lowest score for each above
e) keep track of percentages/stars for each above
f) tell you the 'most played' and 'least played' songs based on how many scores are entered

and any features the community would like


Would anyone be interested in this sort of thing? It would be written in C# with .NET 2.0 (or JAVA if people really prefer... I just hate JAVA) ... Let me know how useful an actual application would be to you guys and if there is enough response I will whip one up quickly :D


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