Weekly HMX Dev Rock Blogs 8/25 - 8/29

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So it's been roughly a months since we've cranked out a new Official HMX Dev Rock Blog thread. You can check out my somewhat meager offerings to find what professional and recreational things have been keeping us from blogging on a more regular basis:


Oddly enough, the two HMX devs that have been updating their Rock Blogs most often aren't even regulars to most forum goers. HMXJohnD has been providing us with a chilling look into the life of German gamers while he's at Leipzig, and HMXspraynwipe has been filling us in on all sorts of juicy little details via his RB2 development blog. Follow the links below!

HMXJohnD's On The Road Blog

HMXspraynwipe's Rock Band 2 Development Blog


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