The Classic Crime for Rock Band DLC

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The Classic Crime is an Alt-Rock band who i think would be good for Rock Band Dlc, as well as being extremely fun to play.

Here are some songs i think would be pretty fun:

The Fight
from their album Albatross

The reasons i think this song would be great for Rock Band are limitless. The drums themselves would be really fun.

Guitar Solo at 2:10 would be another bright spot of the song. Vocals would probably be difficult, but thats what makes them fun.

In lew of bass, i think there would be rythm guitar for THe Classic Crime.

from their new album The Silver Cord

Just listen to this song and try to tell me it wouldn't be great for rock band. The End of the song would definetly be perfect for a big rock finish. plus we get a use for that cowbell feature in the mic that is so underused.

Guitar Solo at 2:30 is one of the best ive heard, would be interesting to see how it transfered to rock band. Drums again woudl be fun.

The Poet (Aka Warrior Poet)
From their album Albatross

This song would be almost as fun as the others. and it would be interesting on vocals, as well as other instruments.

Other songs that would be good:

The Coldest Hart
The Way That You Are



  • SnitskySnitsky Road Warrior
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    Gravedigging would be insanely fun on drums and it has a nice solo
  • SCFoxSCFox Opening Act
    edited August 2008
    Never heard of them before. I personally like it, and would probably buy a three pack if it was ever made available. Would be fun.
  • openceopence Opening Act
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    you ARE NOT cereal are you?
  • njdevils327njdevils327 Opening Act
    edited August 2008
    i am cereal. they are a great band.
  • njdevils327njdevils327 Opening Act
    edited August 2008
    anyone else agree?
  • Plan BPlan B Road Warrior
    edited August 2008
    Anything by The Classic Crime would be amazing!

    My top picks would be The Poet and The Fight.
  • njdevils327njdevils327 Opening Act
    edited August 2008
    i agree. but mine would have to be gravedigging.
  • TheRealPsiPhiTheRealPsiPhi Unsigned
    edited August 2008
    I haven't listened to Albatross in a LONG time. I wouldn't mind the whole album though.
  • SCFoxSCFox Opening Act
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    Just actually listened to pretty much their whole catalog (I still have to finish The Silver Cord) and am changing my probably to a definitely.

    Thanks njdelvils327 for introducing me to this great band.
  • njdevils327njdevils327 Opening Act
    edited August 2008
    thats awesome to hear. glad you like them. i think theyd work well for rock band. what songs would you want most?
  • njdevils327njdevils327 Opening Act
    edited September 2008
    anyone have thoughts? i also have another addition, FLight Of Kings, but id rather have any of the other songs i listed,
  • Ratjar3Ratjar3 Rising Star
    edited September 2008
    Anything from TCC would work fantastic in Rock Band.

    Frig, I wish they would add this, people won't stop suggesting all these bands that are hugeeeeeee, we need this in there

    ANY of the songs mentioned in this thread are all fantastic
    do a classic crime pack, you won't regret it ea.
  • I love The Classic Crime! I'd personally love to see Salt In the Snow come to RB.
  • GLaDOSGLaDOS Opening Act
    Wow, awesome to see this bumped, The Classic Crime are a fantastic and underrated band. I saw them live quite a number of years ago and it was quite the experience.

    They would be an amazing fit for Rock Band, particularly I think
    "The Fight"
    & "Solar Powered Life"
    would be a great 3-pack for them, not that they'd probably get anything more than a single (if that) sadly.

    Gonna go request these right now
  • ts2steven13ts2steven13 Opening Act
    Any song from this band would be an instant buy for me. I love The Classic Crime.
  • Man this thread made my night. I was creeping this section looking for another band and found this. I love TCC, still one of the best concerts I ever saw (the first time I saw them, with Just Surrender). Albatross and The Silver Cord got unprecedented amounts of plays in my car. I would love ANYTHING from Albatross, but Say The Word always held a special place in my heart. Such emotion in the song, and so many post concert memories hearing this. Always gives me chills. This song would complete Rock Band for me.

    The Silver Cord was nearly equal, but there are a couple songs I do skip (*sorry guys!*). My top 5 are Sing, Everything, Gravedigging, Just A Man, and Medisin (the little guitar solo around the 3:00 mark sounds like a wall of guitars to me. Very epic). There are several others that I would be happy with too, but these are my cherry picks.

    *As I was writing my reply, I remembered this is the band I picked in the companion app that I would most like to see in RB. Hopefully someday it will come true!
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