Forums: Server Down time and data migration: please read!

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We will be taking down the Rock Band servers soon in order to prep for the awesome community re-launch next week. This will probably happen in a few days, but we'll get you the exact time as soon as we know. If you bookmark the forum index it will link you to a placeholder, so if you get that in a few days this is why!

The message boards will be migrated, however, your individual profile info, avatars, pictures, and blogs will not! If there is anything there you wish to keep, I recommend backing it up as soon as possible. Hang tight for now! The new community stuff looks really great, and I’m looking forward to all of you getting a chance to see it next week! When you log in to the new site you’ll still have your username and password and a placeholder profile to accessorize as needed.

In the meantime, check out Phase @, clean your bathroom, check out the new Rock Band store, paint a wagon, or whatever else you can or want to do to prepare for endless rocking next week!

-The Web Team


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