Dragon Ball Z movie soundtracks

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Although the English dubs are terrible, the English editions of the movies had kickass soundtracks!

"History of Trunks" :

1. Andy Baylor - DBZ Movie Theme Remix
2. Andy Baylor - Havoc Remix
3. Andy Baylor/Dale D. Kelly - DBZ/Havoc Movie Theme
4. Bootsy Collins w/ Buckethead - Shackler (original version of Shackler's Revenge)
5. Dream Theater - Home (Edit)
6. Dream Theater - Through Her Eyes
7. Dale D. Kelly - Garden of Grace
8. Mark Akin - Ascension
9. Neckdown - Garden of Grace
10. Triprocket - Immigrant Song (WTF???)
"Lord Slug" :
* Finger Eleven - Drag You Down
* Disturbed - Stupify
* Disturbed - Fear
"Cooler's Revenge" :
Songs from Deftones, Finger Eleven and Disturbed.

"Broly: Legendary Super Saiyan"
The FUNimation version features songs from such bands as, Pantera, Tendril, Slow Roosevelt, Gravity Pool, and Haji's Kitchen.
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