Rock Blog MONDAY 06/25/07

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Anybody see the AWESOME things Tycho said about us towards the bottom of his blog on Penny Arcade today? We're huge fans so that felt pretty good. Any of you heading out to their expo this year?

I got the chance to play the game by myself today on drums for the first time in a long time (I am in a band that meets weekly to play the game but hadn't played alone for months) and was actually really taken by how cool it felt. We're getting to that stage now where everything is starting to come together and things that looked like loose ends that would never come together are bending themselves into tight little knots of radical, but even more importantly how much it feels like a full experience and not a bunch of tiny parts held together by nothing but a common theme. Everyone is working wicked hard so it is really cool to see that paying off.

Blogs- we have two very good ones today. First off we have Sasquatch King talking about a wide variety of topics from a pretty cool party this weekend that a bunch of HMX'ers appeared at to Venture Brothers to his feelings on the current shape of the game. Next we have Heather who tells us about how she saw her work in the game for the first time to really check out and also discusses the amazing scene at last Friday's Weely, that resulted in Salt N' Pepa. I'll let her explain.

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