The Community's Rock Band 3! Day 1: "Pick Your Favorite Band!"

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Welcome to "The Community's Rock Band 3!" Our objective: to create the next version of Rock Band now that RB2 is out!

Here's how it's going to work!

The users on this community will have 24 hours to vote for their favorite band. The one with the greatest total votes will be added to the setlist, and the next day the community will vote on the song it will be. It will go on, through the main setlist, bonus songs, and DLC singles, song packs, and albums, where what you vote on and the number of winners will change accordingly.

When you post, please follow the criteria as demonstrated in this example:

Poster 1 votes for Led Zeppelin, and his/her post should be like this:

Led Zeppelin: 1

Poster 2 votes for Chuck Berry, his/her post should be as follows.

Led Zeppelin: 1
Chuck Berry: 1

Poster 3 also votes for Chuck Berry:

Chuck Berry: 2
Led Zeppelin: 1

Please make sure you follow this criteria, posting the tally for ALL the bands nominated to make it easier for everyone (especially me!). Good luck, and happy voting!


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