pianos brought into the fold

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now i'll bet somebody's already come up with this idea, and i'll bet another somebody's already shot it down for it's pure infeasibility, but i don't care, i just signed up a couple of hours ago, and the idea is this, since Harmonix is incorporating drums and vocals into the GH/Rock Band experiance, why not take it a step further and throw a key board in too, now i know the logistics of five instraments but only four controller possibilities would be kinda wierd, but get this, since not all great ballads utilize the piano for those songs you just play bass, the songs that do throw keyboard craziness in with the rest of the awesome pandemonium could be handled one of two, or possibly both of these ways, 1. incorporate vocals with keyboard for songs with so that the singer sits at the keys playing and singing, or more broadly, let the other band members try to sing and play their instrament at the same time, or 2. just choose on songs that have piano parts wether you want to or not, if you do, bass gets booted and piano fills its place, on instramental, (no vocals) keysboard would automatically be in the picture, now like bass, piano would have no campaign attached to it but you could still play the songs that have it in quick play, and it would have online functionality if you persay, (gasp) breaking the mold here guys, wanted to have a five man band via of our friends the internet and Harmonix, now i know this idea is kinda radical, but i know the guys at Harmonix really want to incorporate all types of music into their game so that the player can experiance it (music) fully while still hanging in the living room, i now the idea couldn't possibly go into the game coming out this christmas season due to the fact that it's not at all fleshed out, but maybe the guys at Harmonix will put it in the next version of Rock Band when that rolls around, well read and review, and by the way, my user name is my gamertag, anybody who's got a 360, feel free to message me with derogatory comments, game invites, and friend requests if you want to


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