The Greatest Bands and some of their songs (add more!!)

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BEcuase this songs as many other that i know like songs from linkin park, Godsmack, Breaking benjamin, three days grace, saliva, Evanencence, yellow card, the used, MUDVAYNE, nickle back, ironman song by black sabath, 3 doors down, switchfoot, bullet for my valentine and a couple of more bands is what rock band needs to truly become the best music game ever!!!!

Saliva= Always
Yellow card= Only one
Blacksabath= Ironman
Godsmack= Stand alone, and some more
Switchfoot= We were meant and like 2 more
3 doors down= The new national guard song and another that i forgot
Three days Grace!!!= Animal, i hate everything about u, Home, just ALL of the damn songs!!
Evanencense= Going under, and one of there other hits that was used in dare devil
Linkin park= what i've done, and ALOT OF other SONGS!!
NICKLE BACK= Animals and some more
The used=
The killers=
Bullet for my valentine= All the things i hate, and tears dont fall
Breaking benjermin= Diary of jane, Halo song

ANd anything else ppl might recomend but i think this is a great set list that many ppl will enjoy(these wernt only my ideas, many friends, and ppl on xbox live) Plz try to put these song available for download i dont care how much they cost because they rock!!!


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    Almost every band you listed has alot of other good songs but you just listed the ones that get played on the radio

    Bullet for my valentine especially has alot better songs

    The used also has alot better choices than listing nothing lol their whole "Shallow beleiver" EP is great and about half the songs on their 3 full albums are great too

    "What I've done" by LP is going to be in Guitar hero world tour and its a pretty bland song for them I think songs like "Papercut" and "Given up" would be alot more fun to play in RB

    Switchfoot they really need to include "Stars"
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    is this a "i only listen to the radio" thread? jesus christ, discover these bands, the radio always plays the bands' worst songs. as far as the bands mentioned, i would take any song by these bands (except the songs you listed): mudvayne and bfmv.
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    yea i i like some of those radio songs and some of them were off the top of my head so i just wrote them down..Paramore should include a little more, and YES for given up by L.P! I just want them to put some of my favorite bands like 3days grace, breaking benjermin, some more L.P, Godsmack and maybe something else.. but i do like everysong that ppl mention (well except some but w.e) thanks for the post if you got any more songs u think are great hit me up again.. Thanks
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