Rock Blog Thursday 06/28/2007

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First off- anybody here going to PAX? You may have seen in their press release yesterday that we have a bit of floor space in there to show off the game. My favorite quote from that article? -

"Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony and Harmonix are just a few of the big names that will be showing off their stuff."

Holy crap.

So anyways, that's what's up. We'll be there, I'm working on the details with which to ramp up the awesomosity, and hopefully I'll have a few more things to talk about regarding the event in the near future. If you have tickets, let me know. We'd love to meet up with y'all there!

Today we have two more dev blog entries for you. The first one continues the streak for QA knocking them out of the park. It is a picture based story about what it is like to work in the QA mines. Next we have Sports and Weather with Leo who is filling in for Warburg who is currently moving his house. Speaking of Warburg moving, he gave out a ton of stuff he wasn't taking into his new house and I totally scored one of these-


Yeah. Awesome.


Leo With Sports And Weather


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