The Chuck Norris Experience, new EP.

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From the comments I've received its more geared in a Hella-direction, but I don't even listen to Hella! Anyway, A Pleasant Day in Wisconsin finally shows me using percussion via my lacke- *cough* I mean friend, James. He'll probably be helping out on the full length in October/November. So yeah, I've only gotten good comments. No vocals, though.

A Pleasant Day in Wisconsin - The Chuck Norris Experience
1. Welcome to Wisconsin
2. A Pleasant Day in Wisconsin
3. Burning Down Schools! (...while People are still Inside)
4. Attack!
5. Thanks for Visiting
6. Tuning (to) Idiot Minor! (Bonus Track)

It was really fun to record.

Linked files go to fully streamable sources on which you can also download from.

If I HAD to classify the music I'd say it's:

Noise Rock/Experimental Rock with some progressive rock elements, I guess.


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