RB2 Wii Guitar Compatibility

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Hey Gang,

With the Wii launch of Rock Band 2 fast approaching we’ve been getting some questions about third party hardware compatibility, so I figured I’d pop in and clear things up for the Wii Rockers here on the forums.

As we’ve said before, HMX is committed to establishing Rock Band as a platform. We’d like to encourage the interoperability of instruments between platforms so that players can experience music, and our games, with their instrument of choice.

There have been some mixed messages in gaming press, but I’m happy to confirm that the Wii Guitar Hero 3 guitar will be compatible with Rock Band 2 for the Wii. We wanted to clarify for all the Wii Rockers that have expressed confusion regarding this compatibility, and reassure that Harmonix will continue to advocate wide-ranging compatibility for instruments across music platforms.
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