Obscure Music Appreciation Thread

a21schizoidmana21schizoidman Prog-nosticator
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Basically this is an idea thread to start attracting more people to the main thread of this idea: The Blog. Since I know some people are weary of downloading and there are some problems, here's a fix!
Videos and other links can be posted here of lesser known bands. That way when you feel like listening to something, but aren't sure if you want to download it, you can just listen.

Also, coming soon: lastfm weekly playlists!

well, to start things off, the most obscure music of all:
The Residents (God I want to go see them in Chicago...)
For The Benefit of Mr. Kite (not too bad, not their best tho):

ill add more later, but I'm at school, trying to study for midterms...


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