Hey Rock Fans!

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I'm glad you all came out! Over the next couple days I'll be introducing you to a few Harmonix people who will be hanging around on this forum talking to you all and posting blogs on their profiles. We're shooting for at least one every day M-F. That said I would like to post some rules up here if I may

- Don't post anything that is racist/sexist/creedist...basically stuff that is just meant to offend people. I think we've all been on boards like that and it generally sucks. This could get you banned for a few days or banned permanently based on the seriousness of the offense.

- Don't post anything copywritten, or post links to hacks or stolen music/videos/books/anything. Keep in mind we are making a game here and we have partnerships with companies that will make our game awesome that could be adversely affected by that sort of thing. We want to maintain those relationships and make an awesome game for you. This will get you banned. Probably permanently.

-No spam. No one likes spam. No one is going to buy your 1/2 price pharmaceuticals, your opinions on penny stock garbage, or your inane spam poetry of random words. First of all it isn't rock, second of all it is the worst possible way to advertise to a person. This is an immediate permanent ban and we will forward your weird foreign IP to the appropriate parties. We may also have a party at your house when you aren't there and break your stuff.

-Have fun and start networking. This is imperative.



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