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3 cheers for Greg!!!

and 3 Boo's for Adelaide not being within an hour of the Boston area...

Edit: what the? my post just went above Sean's.... weird.... GREG, YOU'VE DOOMED US ALL!
I just looked into it some more and it would appear that my forum thing is still set to display oldest posts first... But wait! it says i posted this b4 Sean started the thread. Holy crap, I think I just time traveled... sweet!


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    Ok so did anyone here know that they make a spray paint that turns any smooth surface into a chalkboard? I bought two cans of the stuff over the weekend and turned one of my tables into a writing surface, so now I can eat off it, drink off it, and make crude drawings on it. If I ever buy a house I am doing one entire room in it- wall, floors, ceilings... everything. I am not screwing around.

    Do you live within an hour of Cambridge, MA and have a mode of transportation? Do you have dreams of playtesting Harmonix games for pizza? Do you want that one chance to get you picture taken with the picture of my and Boggy in the hall? If so-

    Seriously, though, 1 hour from Boston. As much as we would like North Dakota residents to help out it isn't terribly practical until we build a floating castle/studio that can fly to your town, which we are working on of course.

    BLOGS! I didn't post on Friday due to an enormous amount of insanity going on over here. I will rectify that now. First we have Naoko who dispenses advice the way a gumball machine dispenses...gum...balls I guess. Too much spray paint for me, I think. Next we have DanT who covers just about all the bases about everything and then says I look snazzy which I appreciate. As for today- Sasquatch details the development Armageddon that occurs when people are crunching. I think he sounds like Bill Pullman in Independence Day which is not only timely but also very spiritually uplifting.

    PS - You also may have noticed that after a few speed bumps that the site is working much faster and thusly contains a much higher level of awesomosity. Thank Greg for that. I certainly am!



    Sasquatch King
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    lmao sa_nick.

    Anyway, I wish I was in Boston. Harmonix, save a job for me in the future! (I'm being serious.)

    EDIT: OMG, Avatars are back! But how do you guys have sigs? It doesn't have the reg vBforum sig thing for me...
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    SoraRikuVGM;7607 said:
    OMG, Avatars are back! But how do you guys have sigs? It doesn't have the reg vBforum sig thing for me...
    It's not really a sig, it just uses the headline from your personal page. Just go into your profile settings and add a headline, should work fine.

    Also, can other people see that my post is above Sean's? Or is my computer just wiggin' out?
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    Yea, the database time is way off. I noticed last night that the SQL database was down, must have restarted it with the time way off. I put a message in the General area of the forum, so hopefully someone notices it. Should fix the message being before Sean's
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    We are working on the DB timing problem now. We changed a bunch of hardware yesterday and hilarity ensued. :)
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    I already filled one of those out Sean. I'm still waiting for a reply.
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    To think I used to live in Gardner Massachusetts a fine 50 minutes from Cambridge.

    This is the only time I am regretting moving to AZ. Though since I was 16, and my parents moved I had little choice.

    Plus I guess AZ is overall better. But still... damn I wish I could play test this.
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    masterx1918;7752 said:
    I already filled one of those out Sean. I'm still waiting for a reply.
    They probably won't send you a reply until they actually call you in. Keep in mind we are getting thousands of applicants so giving individualized responses would be tough.
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    I signed up again, I dunno if the previous applications get tossed or not.
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