Medium/Hard drummer

Sray390Sray390 Unsigned
edited November 2008 in Xbox 360
I'm looking for any band really, I can play some songs on Expert, I can play a good amount on Hard.
I'm most comfortable with Medium tho.
I am willing to download any DLC's i need to.
My GamerTag is Sray390 :)


  • rockstar027rockstar027 Unsigned
    edited October 2008
    Here there! There's usually a few of us online about the same time, same type of situation.... I play mostly guitar or bass (currently at medium and trying to work out the bugs for the next level), so either doesn't matter to me and vox on hard (leading up the expert ranks, but just be thankful you're not in the room when that happens!! LOL!). Starting and going thru the World Tour right now so if you're up for joining in, send me a message on xbox live: rockstar027. Have tons of DLC.

    To check out my list of dlc:
  • salans08salans08 Unsigned
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    Add me if you want GT: Seanzilla7707 Ive not been on much the past two days due to work but thats all good now. Im on a bass kick right now but can do guitar and vox mostly medium but can do hard on some songs and expert on a few bass songs.

    Rock on
  • Drsbest20Drsbest20 Unsigned
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    if you need a bass player hit me up. gt same as here
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