Hey Bass Players!

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Yeah, you! No, yes, we're actually talking to you. Try not to look so surprised, jeez.

Anyway, guess what?!? We've got a new contest for you guys over at The 'Zine. The gist of it? You take a photo of yourself rocking your best bass player pose. And before you other instrumentalists start laughing, understand that there is a very specific style to being a bassist. A certain mystique, if you will. Only a rarefied few can truly pull it off. So bust out your guitar and give us some authentic bass player rocking-ness, or die trying!!!

***disclaimer: do not actually die trying***

Oh, and what do the winners get? A brand spanking new Official Rock Band® Fender™ Precision Bass™ from Mad Catz for Xbox 360!

Head on over to the 'Zine and check it out!


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