Don't Give Microsoft Your 360 Repair Money, Give It To CPS!

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Okay, last year my wife found a website called that was selling a refurbished (obviously) Xbox 360 for a good low price and came with the option for extended warranties.

I got the 2-year warranty for $54.95. You can get 4 years for $89.95.

With MS, you get three years RROD, 1 year from MFR date (no good for older units).

The CPS warranty covers everything so you don't have to worry about anything other than if your within the warranty period.

Last year I sent my 360 to MS for the RROD and received a different unit, which meant a different serial number. I was told to update any warranty company outside of MS of the change if I had one, but my idiotic procrastinating arse didn't and let it go.

I called today about my 360 video output not working (have sound!), they told me I needed proof from MS of the repair replacement from last year. I called and MS said they either didn't have it or couldn't get the info for me. :mad:

I called CPS again to just drop another $54.95, but the guy took a note that MS wouldn't help me out and sent it to the Claims department with my contact info. I may be able to get my 360 fixed/replaced without spending another $54.95 and still have one year of remaining warranty. :)

If I hadn't spent so much money on Rock Band and GH:WT, I could have just grabbed an Elite, but I'm in a bind now and need to cut costs as much as I can.

So, screw Bill Gates, his faulty system and outrageous one time repair cost! :)


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