AUS RB guitars already defective

Seegs2283Seegs2283 Opening Act
edited November 2008 in Rock Band
RB1 was finally released a couple days ago. I imported a while back and have been using my old LP, but I was really curious about the solo buttons and effects so I picked up a Strat yesterday.

It took a bit of adjusting to, I LOVED the solo buttons but something didn't feel right. I was missing easy chords for no apparent reason, mainly apparent in the verses for Welcome Home.

Took it into practice mode and played the verse at 50% speed and verified that there's a problem. It looks like any time there is a chord with the Orange and Blue/Yellow buttons downstrums stop working... they only start again if I release the buttons.

After all the reports from the States I don't think I'll bother with a replacement, my LP works fine for now and although I'll miss the solo buttons I can live without them. Just kinda sad that we're getting hardware issues already.


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