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No idea if anyone has any interest in this, but I thought I'd throw it out there for all of us who play guitar/bass IRL. If you've never seen this website you should check it out:

I'm not trying to plug them or anything, but I bought a bunch of picks off them about two years ago and they were awesome. You can put any design of your thinking on them. They also do these awesome New Line Cinema picks for us horror obsessed folks:

I'll stick up som pictures of the new picks I got done up when they arrive. They've got a bit of a RB theme to them without infringing any copywrite laws:D


  • miche.csmiche.cs Road Warrior
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    I am sadly resurrecting my old thread! Nae responses:( Anyhoo, I thought you guys might like to check out what the design turned out like (thanks to my spiffy graphic designing pal). The picks have however got lost in the post... boo, hiss, international postage. Hopefully they'll still turn up by Xmas.

    Those of you who have been chatting in the What Are You Doing...thread will know that these aren't for me, but the wife who plays a Gibson G3 (hence the headstock). I think the design turned out really awesome.

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    That is a cool design. :)

    I was looking at that site, and my first thought was, "Wow, nothing spells loser like a Playboy guitar..." :rolleyes:
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    Lol. I completley agree. I just love the fact they'll put anything on a pick for you man. It's not too badly priced either.
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