Nuffy's Daily Dose of Metal Thread

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Edit: In order to have this thread moved I have to hyperlink the vids as opposed to embedding.

Ok, i'll try to post some new sh*t in here for those of us that want to talk about the inclusion of some lesser known metal acts that there are out there. I'll try to make daily updates here if i can, if well.

Ok so I'll start this off right.

Primordial - Doom Metal band formed in Ireland in 1991


Gallow's Hymn
As Rome Burns
End of all Times

Various Black Metal 3-Pack

Varathron - The Tressrising Of Nyarlathotep (greece)

Dawn - Falcula (sweden)

Absu - Vorago (USA)

Feel free to add or discuss. Keep the negativity to a minimum if all possible. Cheers.


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