Melody's Escape (with the forums favorite bands!)

Rock_StarmanRock_Starman Headliner
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This is a spiffy "new" (just out of early access) PC runner game that generates the level based on your music (like Audiosurf).

I'm still learning to play so I didn't do great but thought I'd share a couple of attempts...

This first one covers 99% of the forums favorite bands...

The second has the other 0.9% covered (no Bear Hands, sorry), it also displays the game better as it has more level shifts...


  • Looks cool, but it bothers me that I recognized every song from that Rock mix except for the main riff they used. @ROCK_STARMAN Do you know it?
  • It's definitely Whole Lotta Love, I knew I had heard it before. Now I'll check if this machine can run something like that, because Call Of Duty 2 and it's already lagging lol.
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