Does the Ninja Crew break the ability to save?

LinkGirlLinkGirl Unsigned
edited March 2013 in Dance Central
I just unlocked the ninja crew, but every time I play one of them I get an error at the end of the song: "Saving has failed for an unknown reason. Selected storage device is no longer available. Autosave has been disabled. In order to re-enable it, select 'Options' from Main Menu and then 'Gameplay Settings.'"

If I try to re-enable autosave, I get the same message. After that, the only way to re-enable my autosave is to quit Dance Central 3 and reload it.

Is this intentional/normal (cause, you know, they're the ninja crew) or is this a bug? It only seems to happen for the ninja crew.


  • lobo6566lobo6566 Unsigned
    edited March 2013
    i have that error with d cypher :( and i'm still waiting a solution.... :/
  • I have the same problem. I think that it occurs whenever you play the very last character that has an outfit that you have not played them in yet. Once you finish a song with them it disables the save feature in the game for some reason. Unless the problem is resolved then unfortunately you won't be able to play the ninja crew in your case Linkgirl or D Cypher in your case Lobo6566.
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