Downloading songs

Bought Rock Band for my son and learning to use it. He is 9 and wants modern radio friendly songs. Went to download Twenty One Pilots and it says it can only be played with RB4. We have the wireless instruments and RB 2, I believe. Why aren't we able to use that song?


  • You can only use that Twenty One Pilots song with Rock Band 4.
    Also, what console do you have?
  • what's your console, pal?

    nice band suggestion Wildcat15.
  • thatmarkguythatmarkguy Road Warrior
    edited February 2017
    Wildcat just quoted back the exact name of the band the original poster named. He didn't make any suggestion.

    This post is from six months ago. I don't expect the original poster is still awaiting an answer.

    The answer doesn't very based on what console he's using anyway. Artists whose songs have only been released since RB4... those songs aren't playable on any pre-RB4 game (like the RB2 the OP stated he was attempting to use). On any console.
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