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For those who played the original, what do you guys think of the remake? I played the demo and was quite disappointed..

It's lost it's mojo.. there's no funky voiceover dude ("autoblaster!"), no Freqs (your character who bobs their head to the beat and mimics your every button press) and the entire look and feel of the game and level design is sterile and lifeless, it's completely devoid of personality and feels like I'm playing a barebones game. Aside from the resolution and frame rate, PS2's Amplitude looks and feels decades ahead of the PS4's version.. yet we have the opposite.

I've only played the demo songs but the soundtrack is terrible! Freezepop is ok, but the others are so bland and lifeless. The old POD, No Doubt, Slipknot, Run DMC, David Bowie, Papa Roach, Blink 182 and Fearfactory songs were SO much better. If we could at least get our Rock Band Blitz DLC working in this game then maybe I'd reconsider.

As for the gameplay it's hard to judge the game with 3 songs but my biggest gripe is the R2 trigger, it's much harder to mash a trigger on expert compared to the old PS2 R2 button. I tried L1/R2/O but it's hard to get my head around it, so what are you guys doing instead?

I would've been a LOT happier with an Amplitude remaster with new DLC instead. Sony is releasing remastered PS2 games on the PS4 now, so why not give us Amplitude instead? There's no need to add or change anything other than create new songs because the old game was literally perfect in every way. If I knew this new Amplitude was going to be this bad I would've asked for a PS2 Ampltidue remaster instead.

I mean just look at this ****, it's beautiful!! If only the PS4 ver looked half as good as this..

can't forget those funky head-boppin' Freq dudes:


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    I haven't played personally (yet), but, for the most part, people seem to be enjoying it.

    The soundtrack is anywhere from decent to great and the play-ability is fun. This comes from someone who has not played the original. Also, quite a few people are dying for a port to the Vita...which would be pretty sweet as well.
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    HUGE fan of the original (it was my favourite game on PS2), and although I only played the PS4 version for an hour last night, I'm loving it. Seems like they added a ton more controller options since the OPs post, too.

    I'm using L1, X, and R1.
  • I'm enjoying it, but without online multiplayer it's very limited. Only 15 songs in "story" mode. It does have couch co-op, but I doubt it will hold my interest for long. It will be a time waster when I'm bored.

    Play wise: works great, nice colors, fun beats and challenging. I'm only going through on intermediate right now. I will have to work up to hard and expert.
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    I decided to try Advanced and that was a rude awakening REAL fast. Wow!
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    Yeah, it's quite different from Hard on guitar in Rock Band. Intermediate is quite simple, but Advanced definitely takes it up a notch. I only tried Expert on one song (the first one, which I love) and that wasn't plain sailing by any means.
  • As a backer I already knew there won't be online multiplayer (stretch goal not reached) and Freq (asked about it as backer and got no reply). Wasn't expecting a lot from $20 game with limited budget anyway.

    I believe remaster is very unlikely to happen due to music licencing.

    Have not tried it as I'm still struggling in Advanced but I've seen claims that Upper Hand control (L1+X+R1) works well for them.

    I've got rock music in RB4 so I don't miss it in the new Amplitude too much, but I wish Hmx reconsidered its decision to not follow up with DLCs. Also I'm fairly disappointed the digital soundtrack for backers only comes with 10 songs, which isn't even the full campaign mode. Would have saved myself $5 had I known Dreamer was not included (I backed $15 and topped up another $15 after the KS ended for digital soundtrack and artbook)

    What bothered me more were a few issues in campaign mode:
    - "visual effect" in the last 2 campaign songs that has gone too far, as well as the inability
    - unable to go back to the previous song without resetting the progress
    - loading screen with that brain every time you restart a song.
    None of these happen in quick play by the way.
    Also, in my opinion guest songs shouldn't be locked behind that "play X songs to unlock" grind wall, but that's something insignificant to me.

    Despite these complains I have a lot of fun with it. Looking forward to PS3 version so I can play with my brother.
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    I *think* the loading screen with the brain can be removed once you've completed the campaign. It unlocks an extra option - Interstitials off or on. Choose off.
  • How come there is no separate forum for Amplitude?
  • stigdustigdu Opening Act
    There is. :)
  • agentkuoagentkuo Unsigned
    I never played the original, but I really like the remake. I just wish they'd release some DLC for it.
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    Yeah, I purchased Amplitude on the PS4 and was pretty let down by it.
    The PS2 version is far and away superior to this. The visuals are 100x better. The music selection is amazing and is fun to play to. Garbage, Pink, David Bowie, Weezer, Run DMC... The PS4 version is all techno and just blends together after 2 or 3 tracks.

    They seem to have gone as minimalist on this release. Where there PS2 note highway is incredibly flashy and layered with special effects and even artist video playing the PS4 version is quite bland. It makes you wonder why they couldn't have just started with the PS2 version and built upon it. Perhaps they didn't have the rights to their own source code?

    Where is the awesome remix mode and awesome audio effects?!

    No DLC and lack of any online multiplayer would have been fine had they knocked the rest out of the park. They did not.

    I played the PS2 version again today just to make sure I wasn't thinking of it with rose tinted glasses, but no... It's still incredible looking and playing. I'd love to see them release this version on the PS4 (PS2 Classics) since this game would look incredibly beautiful in HD.
  • agentkuo said:

    I just wish they'd release some DLC for it.

    Those of you who want DLC in the new Amplitude and would like Harmonix to start a Fig Fundraiser to raise money for DLC, please sign and share the Amplitude DLC Petition! ^_6 Original Artists, Kasson Crooker (Symbion Project), Melissa Kaplan, and Logan 7 all signed and support the petition! ^_6 Please show your support for the FreQuency/Amplitude series! ^_6
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