Guitar Fixes / Workarounds



  • Carbs said:

    PS4 Rockband Rivals Jaguar guitar identifies as a "PDP Rock Band Guitar" on bluetooth..... but doesn't connect (see the thread I've raised on the forum)

    So yeah I think PDP probably does make the newer guitars...but they alll should be working.

    I'd be keen to hear of ANY Playstation Guitar owner with a bluetooth dongle (not native bluetooth) that can get the guitar recognised in game! If they can, PLEASE, get in touch!

    The guitar works for me in-game, just not the whammy bar or the effects switch. Been like this for three days now! I can't play the game!
    Try unplugging your keyboard then starting the game. Fixed it for me.
  • I have an issue where only the bottom fret buttons work properly. The top ones drop in and out. Any ideas guys?
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