How do you play solo?

How do you play solo sections?

Everybody I saw just fooling around, pushing random buttons. Well... Sure, it's kinda fun... But that's not the point.
How do you play PERFECT solo sections?
To play perfect "regular" (intro, chorus, bridge etc.) section you need to fill it with combos. Okay.
To play perfect "solo" section you need... to do what? The game doesn't explain it at all.

I tried everything... over and over again. I'm an idiot. I can't understand what the game wants from me. This is just frustrating...

So... how do you play perfect guitar solo sections?


  • The same thing, just without prompts! Put some flavor into it, go along with the music structure, and it's all good.
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    Somehow I managed to play two perfect solo sections just 20 minutes ago. Not sure how I did it... :) And still don't really understand how it works...
    Well, thanks for the suggestion, I'll try.
  • krectuskrectus Opening Act
    Yeah that's kind of the fun of it, trying out different things and finding out what sounds good and what works. You'll get rewarded for various things like tapping and alternating back and forth but keep playing about until you find what works best...just like playing real guitar solos, no one can tell you what to do.
  • Somehow the "go along with the music structure" works... I can't explain it, but it works. :) Somehow :)
    Very weird and frustrating thing :) But it is fun :)
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