Beatles Rock Band guitar on Rock Band VR?

Hi Guys, I have the Beatles Rock Band guitar that came with the bundle (for 360). Will that controller work on Rock Band VR with the adapter?


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    I guess no
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    I've seen this post in a couple of places, saying that there is legacy support for 360 controllers with WINDOWS adapters. Please note that I don't own the game myself yet and don't have that adapter, so I haven't checked personally to make sure it really does work.

    I'm wondering if anyone has discovered if 360 controllers work in Rock Band VR with the 360->Xbone adapter, this thing: I don't have the Windows adapter, but I'm wondering if the Xbone adapter basically IS a Windows adapter. If anyone knows if this works, or has an old 360 guitar and that adapter and the VR game and can check if it works, I would be very very appreciative. Thanks!
  • I would just like to add that my WIRED Xbox 360 fender model #822152 works fine on Rock band VR 1.01 (it shows up as a Xbox 360 controller in the device manager in Windows). I only had to make the 3 holes slightly larger to make the adaptor fit the head and works perfectly with 1:1 tracking to the guitar. I'm not sure if this is the same one as 'The Beatles' guitar but thought it might help you out if it is the same or similar.
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