PS4 guitar fender stratocaster constantly dysconnect when playing rock band vr.

Hi every body.

I'm coming here to know if someone have a solution.

I have win10 1703( last version) and i have updated two time the guitar fender stratocaster firmware succesfully.

My guitar fender stratocaster ps4 is conntected and paired whit my computer with the dongle in bluetooth.

I launch occulus steam isnt launched, no programs other tha oculus is working on my computer.( verified three time in all way)

I have read all trhead on this forum about problems look like mine, but didnt found any solution to my problem.

i have change off dongle to teste another one, and i have the same problems.

i have reinstalled my windows 10 totaly from a usb key, and reinstalled occulus rift and my guitare succefully again.

when i lauch oculus rock band vr it work correctly for 2-3 min, and after this time it begin to dysconnect avery 30 second non stop .

Is someone can help me, thanx by advance.



  • If you don't turn the game on, does it still disconnect?
  • no if i dont run the game or launch oculus, the guitar doesnt seems to disconnect
  • nobody know how to resolve this disconnection problem?
  • Vlad, I'm having the same issue, but my PS4 Stratocaster does not stay connected to Windows. I'd like to update my firmware but I cannot find the firmware updater online - it looks like the Mad Catz website is down. Where did you find it?
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