VR Tracks to RB4?

Any chance? Lots of old great songs in VR not available to RB4 that I'd love to get!


  • We have the following VR Tracks available.

    - Living On a Prayer, Through The Fire and Flames, Holiday, and Walk This Way prior before the Rock Band VR release.
    - Use Somebody, Counting Stars, I Will Wait were release on the release week of Rock Band VR (3/21/2017).
    - Promise Everything was release on the week after Rock Band VR (3/28/2017).
    - One Way or Another (Rock Band 2 Rewind) was release on 4/4/2017.
    - Glass House was release on 4/13/2017.
    - Champagne Supernova was release on 4/20/2017.
    - Beast and The Harlot (Rock Band 3 Rewind) and Heaven Knows were release on 4/27/2017, The former can also be gotten via the Rock Band 3 Export.
    - Mother Mother was release on 5/11/2017 (Mother's Day week)
    - Bored to Death and You and Me were release on 5/25/2017.
    - Pull Me Under and Circles were release on 6/8/2017.
    - Ain't It Fun was release last week (6/22/2017)
    - Freewill (Vault Edition) and Go Your Own Way (Rock Band 2 Rewind) will be release this week.

    I hope this helped. :)
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