Oculus can't detect guitar controller (Windows 7)

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Alright, so I took the plunge and finally got a Rift along with RBVR and some other games. All the other games run perfectly, but for RBVR I can't make it past the beginning where it checks your connections.

It detects the headset and the touch controller but not the guitar. The guitar IS synced with the computer via the xbox wireless adapter, it doesn't show up under "devices" in the Oculus settings. Attempting to use a standard XB1 controller works with other games so I don't think it's an adaptor issue.

I have tried 3 different Stratocaster guitars all with the same issue, I have run firmware updates in case they're outdated and it didn't help. I tried a Jaguar guitar but the mandatory firmware update crashes at 67% every time so I gave up after the 20th try.

I am running a completely updated version of Windows 7 Professional, I can't seem to find anywhere that helps with this issue, everyone says the Oculus sees the guitar but won't detect inputs, but mine can't even get that far.

I haven't opened a ticket with Oculus yet, figured I'd see if anyone here had a way to help first. Any responses are appreciated, thank you.


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    Status Update: I have upgraded to Windows 10 which has allowed the guitar to be recognized!

    Unfortunately, now I am having the exact same problem everyone in this thread is having http://forums.harmonixmusic.com/discussion/282208/cant-start-the-game#latest

    I have tried everything the people in that thread are recommending and still nothing, I even was able to update the firmware on the Jag and get it to be recognized, but when the game boots up and tells me to press Green to continue I can't. It doesn't detect any of my inputs from the guitar.
    It's really bumming me out :/ And the game can tell the difference between whether the Strat or the Jag is connected, so I don't believe it's a hardware issue, the software seems to just not be reading my inputs no matter which guitar I put in front of it.
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    The jaguar needs a firmware update? Does it need one for RB4?
  • GLaDOSGLaDOS Opening Act

    The jaguar needs a firmware update? Does it need one for RB4?

    I think the update is only mandatory if you are using it for Rock Band VR, I never had any issues with it trying to play Rock Band 4 at least.
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