Fender Jaguar

Is there a way I can buy only the guitar, so far ive only seen bundles with it, i want to have 2 guitars for when I have friends over, and I would really like one of the new Jaguar ones, anyone know where I can buy strictly the guitar?


  • You can buy the red jag at gamestop without the game last I saw it was 44. You could also buy the jag bundle and sell the copy of rivals on ebay and make 10 bucks back! They are selling the xbox bundle for 40 and on sale the ps4 version is 30 right now, assuming you live near a gamestop with stock. My local gamestops only have the ps4 guitar bundles in stock right now. If that doesn't work, ebay and craigslist are your friend.
  • LordFlatusLordFlatus Rising Star
    Everytime I've bought a backup guitar, and I'm up to about 8 RB4 guitars now, the bundle has been on sale for $39.99 and the stand-alone guitar has been $59.99

    I have a lot of disc copies of RB4....
  • Okay, thank you guys for your help
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