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I tried all the previously mentioned fixes, running as admin, uninstalls, reinstalls and my issue remained. Game would start recognize the controller but no response to button presses. Tried everything and was going to give up until I figured....this is essentially a XB1 controller....what are XB1 controller issues.
That's when I found it! A link to upgrade your standard xb1 controllers software via the Xbox Accessories app. I figured wtf why not install that app. That's when I found that the Xbox Accessories app didn't react to my XB1 controller being connected (Even though it showed up fine as USB game controller and was usable in games). Windows Xbox app couldn't see it.......ie it must need an update or some such.
I found a usb cable connected my Xb1 controller to my pc and Xbox Accessories said.....updating controller. After that completed my XB1 controller showed up in Xbox accessories. I disconnected it, powered it off and on and NOW my Xb1 controller is properly detected in Xbox Accessories.
I turn on my XB1 Rockband guitar and hear two new dings I never heard before and got the message a new device was installed!!!
Sure enough it works fine now.
The issue is the damn controller update which of course friggin affects the guitar because it's essentially........just a controller.

Hope this helps, its working like a charm for me. If it works for you SPREAD THE WORD! D_MAN OUT!
Download xbox accessories app, see if your xb1 controller is detected when connected wirelessly if not connect xb1 controller via USB cable, Should detect it and start updating the controller, when update is complete should then be able to connect your controller wirelessly and be detected by the accessories app and your guitar should be able to connect wireless and be detected by windows.


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    I'm trying with my Strat and the Xbox Accessories app isn't detecting it, so I think you're onto something. However, plugging in via the Micro-USB port doesn't do anything for the app. Are you using a Jag?
  • So interestingly enough the guitar is working but I can't get the Accessories app to see it anymore. The strange thing is that the Accessories app wouldn't see my regular Xb1 wireless controller initially either until I did the controller update. Connect your regular XB1 controller via USB with the Accessories APP running and see if it does an update. Mine did and it took like a good 3 mins to complete. Then when I turned on my guitar Windows 10 actually installed a HID driver for it. Now it works in the game though not in accessories anymore :(.
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    So when you say regular XB1 controller, you mean like a controller controller, like I'd use to play any other game, and not a guitar?
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    OKAY! Props to the Harmonix support for asking me to do something I'd otherwise consider patently ridiculous—remove my keyboard/mouse USB dongle—and apparently that was it. I can play again.
  • Yeah LoopyChew I meant your actual XB1 Controller that came with the Oculus. The Xbox Accessories app wasn't even detecting the XB1 Gamepad for me. That's I realized the issue was more than just the Guitar controller even though I use my XB1 Gamepad for games no problem the Xbox Accessories app didn't see it. Once I fixed that (by connecting the gamepad by usb and it doing an update of some sort) and then got the Xbox App to see my xb1 gamepad wirelessly then the guitar worked fine wirelessly too.
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    Damn, my previous comment disappeared when I went to edit it and something happened... :frowning:
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    Ok, so, like I had said, this worked for me :smiley:
    instead of writing all I did before out again I'll short hand it.

    XB 360 Cont. app was installed (error popped up when using XB1 cont. but no real issues) > uninstalled that old app > removed registry of controllers and wireless adapter from settings (just in case it could cause issue) > download and install Xbox Accessories app from Xbox app on PC (find in settings) > plug wireless XB1 controller in with charge cable and run update > controller is recognized when plugged in and when connected wirelessly to wireless adapter > wireless RB4 XB1 fender guitar is recognized by PC in settings as HID device > start game back up and reconnect controller > game recognizes RB cont. and progresses to title animations and tutorial > SUCCESS :grin:

    Thank you very much for the assistance with this problem, I might not have realized the issue otherwise
  • GLaDOSGLaDOS Opening Act
    Oh my God man, you are a lifesaver!
    I'd just about given up on ever getting to play this game even though I pretty much bought the Rift specifically for it. Thank you so much!
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