Just got rock band VR - too easy/missed ideas by the dev?

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I feel like this game needed some pros from the previous Rock Bands to play test it. I'm blown away by what they have done but I think they missed a few key things. Hopefully they can patch it in later on.

For the record, I play Pro Expert drums and have been for awhile with the Ion kit and a kick trigger (Yamaha) with a Pearl pedal hooked into a RockBox. On top of playing Expert guitar as well.

Let me outline all the amazing concepts that they thought about
  • Headbanging to extend star power / get points - this is wicked. Totally adds to the feel
  • Tilting guitar to activate star power - again really adds to the immersion
  • Extra points for stance (kneeling, etc) - glad to see they take your body into account
  • Whammy bar used as a teleport around the stage - smart and cool. I like how they came up with a smart solution on how to deal with losing the whammy bar- effects pedals that you can activate. Very smart. Would be cool to see the other 2 used (maybe like reverb, delay)
  • Mic on the stage that you can sing along
  • The display and presentation of everything is really well done. Easy to see and read.
  • Style of the game - like how you go back to a house, everything is neatly organized and place. The game feels very polished.

There's a couple game concepts that I feel they rushed or overlooked on.

The mic on the stage is there - did they skip the Vocals position? How come we can't have a vocal track below the notes bar - seems like it would be awesome to have that. I sometimes drum and do vocals with a mic stand on RB4. Singing and playing guitar in VR would add a lot more depth to the game.

Settings for the Mic
Using the Rifts Mic is fine, just give us an option to boost the Mic volume or lower it, right now its a bit hard to hear. I understand the sensitivity and volume is how close you are to the Mic but I was right in front of it basically eating it and still was hard to hear myself in the game. They could have had a vocals only mode too which would be neat.

Charting + Difficulty

So I'm not sure why they don't have a difficulty setting for the Rock star mode. I haven't bothered with Freestyle yet but with Rock star it seems like it's charted for an easy difficulty. You can obviously hear changes going on in the song but yet the notes don't display or reflect it. I feel like they could have squeezed in way more during each bar or had that as an option as like a medium/hard/expert just squeezing in more chords and chord combos.

One of the more immersion breaking is the tempo. They have a very conveniently placed (and smart) at the tuning pegs of the guitar indicating how fast/what time signature you're currently strumming at but on the charting up by the bars there's no indication of what you should be aiming to strum at based on the song. Whats odd is the tutorial you're forced to play makes a pretty large point about getting you strumming somewhat in time. It's almost like they wanted to do it but skipped it for release.

All in all you are stuck playing easy but there could easily be room for harder levels something like
Easy: currently as is is now
Medium: more notes, no tempo
Hard: same amount of notes as medium, tempo montiored
Expert: as many notes as possible that the display permits based on the song, plus tempo monitoring.

Stages and Effects guy!!!
It seems like there's only one stage with very minimal effects. The previous rock bands are known for their extravagant stages and lighting effects. This is completely missing from the game entirely. They have so much potential to have different stages and venues (how cool would it be to play in stadium surrounded by people on a massive stage?) or having some lights/graphics do things based on the song, maybe like spotlight on the guitar player only for instance or various other effects would be neat to see.


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