Help setting up two microphones on Xbox One?

Have found posts to set up harmonies on PS4, but not clear how it works on the XboxOne. Can't seem to register a second controller to set up the 2nd USB microphone. Am I missing something?


  • Nevermind, there is no setup. If two USB plugged in, you pick harmony instead of solo and off to the races.
  • Damn it. Looks like the orange line isn't filling up. Maybe there is something we need to do? A way to test the microphone?
  • I have gone through about 10 microphones over the last 8 years. Super easy to fry them (static) or damage them some other way (holding by the cord). Good news though, any usb microphone works, so if you had one lying around for say a wii, it should work. Also they can be found at goodwill/salvation army for less than 5 bucks and gamestop for around 10. Amazon and ebay are usually in the 12 dollar range. I like to always have 3 working micorphones because even with two people you can sometimes get triple awesomes if one or more of the harmonies is an octave. Can't use headset microphones that I know of. Good luck!
  • As far as testing, just plug in one microphone at a time and see which one is working.
  • Both are working. For some reason it wasn't properly registering the 2nd, but when we plugged the 2nd mic back in it picked up both properly. So, in short, my finding if both mics aren't registering on Xbox One pick up a song w/ one mic plugged in and plug the 2nd mic in during the song. If it's registering it will pop up with options for that mic
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